Anise Oil, Natural



Natural Anise oil is a popular flavoring for Holiday baking, especially for cookies and anise is one main ingredient in making Biscotti. The gluten and sugar free, highly concentrated flavors are available for home or professional use in hard candy, frostings, fudges, cookies, candy and candy centers, chocolates and baking (cakes and breads). They are three to four times stronger than extracts, since extracts are diluted by large amounts of alcohol and/or water. When using a recipe that calls for an extract make sure that you use 1/3 the amount if you are substituting a flavor.

Contains: Natural Anise Oil (100% pure essential oil). Food Grade. Don’t be alarmed if anise oil has crystallized or congealed. Simply warm the anise oil until it is liquified and shake. The congealing point of oil of anise is 15 degrees C or 59 degrees F. The congealing or crystallization of oil of anise is a criterion of value. In other words, if crystallization takes place at 15 degrees C, it is your assurance of good value anise.

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