Shipping & Delivery
A Note About Shipping
We only ship to addresses within the United States. We often get comments about the high cost of shipping. To be sure, we share the same concerns. In fact we have been told that we should expect shipping costs to increase. At Suttons Bay Trading Company we do not charge additional shipping and handling fees. We pass along only the costs charged by our carriers. Many companies tried free shipping and one of two things happened. They either made up for it by rolling the cost into higher product prices or took the hit. Those that bore the cost; well many of them are not around anymore or they abandoned the practice. Suttons Bay Trading Company was founded on the principle of value not pricing. The lowest price is often times not the best value. We believe that we offer high quality products at competitive pricing. Our hope is that this practice and not gimmicks like free shipping will keep our customers coming back. As to the high price of shipping do what we did. Write a letter to the Postmaster General of the United States and the CEO’s of the major shipping firms requesting less expensive rates. But, in all honesty, isn’t it amazing how you can order products and have them delivered from our door to yours in a few days or less. The logistics of this are enough to boggle the mind. Just saving the trip to the shopping center is worth the price wouldn’t you say? Spoken like a true man who hates to shop. Feel free to contact me with your concerns at karen@suttonsbaytrading.com.
Kim Pontius

Orders are usually shipped within 48 hours Monday – Friday, but due to the high holiday season ordering it may be longer.

Our primary carriers are the United States Postal Service and United Parcel Service. Priority Mail from the USPS provides delivery in 3-5 days, Sunday excluded. UPS service can provides service as quickly as next day. The price is determined by weight of the items and the postal zone you live in. The shipping price is calculated and displayed to you after you submit your address and credit card information but before you submit your order for processing.

If you need expedited service, please call 1-888-747-7423 or fax us at 1-888-757-7423. You may also email customer service at (info@suttonsbaytrading.com) for a quote on the additional fees.

Privacy & Security
Suttons Bay Trading Company, Inc., producer of Suttonsbaytrading.com and its related content and service sites, believes that electronic privacy is crucial for the ongoing success of the Internet as a service, commercial, and entertainment medium. On occasion, Suttonsbaytrading.com will make available to potential advertisers, research firms, and business partners aggregated results from research it has conducted on its viewer base. Suttonsbaytrading.com will only provide such demographic information on an aggregated basis and does not disclose individual viewer information.E-mail
Any and all e-mail addresses sent to us as the result of correspondence with the consumers of Suttonsbaytrading.com. will not be used or collected for the purposes of reselling to a third party and will not be added to a bulk e-mailing list. Joining of the Suttonsbaytrading.com mailing list is the sole choice of the end user. Membership on the Suttonsbaytrading.com mailing list can be terminated at any time by the user, the listserv hosting service, and/or the list manager.

The use of advertising cookies sent by Suttonsbaytrading.com servers and/or third-party servers is standard in the Internet industry. You may occasionally get cookies from our advertisers. Suttonsbaytrading.com cannot and does not control these cookies.

Traffic Data
Each time a visitor comes to a Suttonsbaytrading.com site, information is collected to improve the overall quality of our sites. Suttonsbaytrading.com collects the visitor’s domain name/IP Address (e.g., whether the user is logged on from microsoft.com or yale.edu or, referral data (e.g., we record the address of the last URL a user visited prior to clicking through to a Suttonsbaytrading.com site), and browser/platform type (e.g., a Netscape browser on a Macintosh platform).

In addition to collecting these types of information, Suttonsbaytrading.com advertisement delivery system collects aggregate search terms for internal reporting and targeted advertising. Suttonsbaytrading.com’s advertisement delivery system collects visitor information for purposes of product monitoring, product improvement, and targeted advertising.

Suttonsbaytrading.com also counts, tracks, and aggregates the visitor’s activity into our analysis of general traffic flows at Suttonsbaytrading.com sites (e.g., tracking where traffic comes from and how traffic flows within the Suttonsbaytrading.com site). Suttonsbaytrading.com may merge this information into group data, which may then be shared on an aggregated basis with potential advertisers, research firms, and business partners. Suttonsbaytrading.com will not disclose your individual identity or personal data. When Suttonsbaytrading.com does present aggregated information to potential advertisers, research firms and business partners, no one will be able to identify you or contact you.

For any questions or clarifications regarding this statement, please contact us at info@suttonsbaytrading.com.

Returns & Replacements
Any damage claims or errors with orders must be made immediately upon receipt of order. For returned items, Within 15 days of receipt of your shipment (including gifts), returned items must have their seals intact and containers unopened. Shipping fees will not be refunded and a 15% restocking fee will be assessed unless there is an error on our part. All returns must have a return authorization number from a Suttons Bay Trading Company, Inc. service representative. There will also be a $30.00 service fee incurred for any returned checks. Please either email info@suttonsbaytrading.com or call us toll-free at 1-888-747-7423. Please allow 12-24 hours for a response.
Mission Statement:
Suttons Bay Trading Company is founded on the premise of offering the highest quality and value in its diverse product lines which are designed to enhance and inspire the culinary community. Knowledge of family and professional recipes will be utilized throughout the organization that are the culmination of culinary study and testing. Knowledgeable consumers expect the finest and freshest spices and seasonings that their money can buy. We realize that ounce for ounce these products are the most expensive items found in the kitchen. Our discriminating consumers are looking for authentic products, comprised of the best ingredients. The consumer demand in this niche market is demanding product that only a custom blender such as Suttons Bay Trading Company can provide.

Suttons Bay Trading Company can fill this niche in the marketplace through its culinary expertise and on-staff flavorists. Constantly striving to supply what the consumer is clamoring for, we continually review what is available in the marketplace, and what is not. Improving on what is available and providing new products and services to the areas of need will assure our success in a market driven by consumer demand. At Suttons Bay Trading Company we believe in Quality of product, Pride in a job performed well and Excellence in service.