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Poppy Seeds are native to the Middle East. It is an annual that produces not only Poppy Seeds but also opium, morphine and codeine. These latter three products are derived from the sap of unripe pods. Poppy Seeds are tiny, nutty flavored, blue-gray seeds. The Greeks used the seeds as flavoring for breads in the second century, and medieval Europeans used them as condiment with breads.

Suggested Use: Poppy seeds are often added to cookies, cakes, breads and muffins to add a nutty flavor and texture. They’re a deep blue and when cooked in milk turn the milk a beautiful shade of purple. The nutty flavor of poppy seeds is enhanced by dry roasting.

Basic Preparations: Use poppy seeds as called for in your recipes. The flavor of poppy seeds can be intensified by dry roasting them before adding to recipes.

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