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Laboratory research by Leroux (Europes largest chicory producer) has shown chicory root extracts to be anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and slightly sedative. It also slows and weakens the pulse and lowers the blood sugar.

Chicory is a blue-flowered herb with a long white root. It contains no caffeine. When roasted and ground properly, it has a chocolate-like flavor that adds flavor and body to coffee. It has been grown since the Middle Ages as a coffee substitute. Around 1970 it was found that the root contains up to 20% inulin. Since then, new strains have been created, giving root chicory an inulin content comparable to that of sugar beet (around 600 dt/ha). Inulin is mainly present in the plant family Asteraceae as a storage carbohydrate (for example Jerusalem artichoke, dahlia, etc.). It is used as a sweetener in the food industry (with a sweetening power 30% higher than that of sucrose). Inulin can be converted to fructose and glucose through hydrolysis.

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