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Mesquite Smoke Flavor is somewhat lighter and sweeter than typical hickory smoke flavor. It adds a savory, smoky distinct flavor to food, one that is common in Southwest and Texas-style barbecue. Use in small amounts to capture the smoked taste without lighting up a flame or the mess of liquid smoke. A convenient way to add a great smoke flavor in sausage making, homemade jerky, grilled meats, vegetables, snacks and dips. Get creative and add a bit of Mesquite Smoke Flavor to mayonnaise, dips or even mac & cheese.

Suggested Use: Add Mesquite Smoke Flavor to gravy, salad dressing, baked beans, snack crackers, trail mix, nuts, marinades or BBQ sauce. Mesquite’s delicate, sweet savoriness lends itself best to dark, rich meats such as lamb, goose, duck and thick cuts of beef. Perfect for short grilling times, because the robust smokiness comes through quickly.

Ingredients: Maltodextrin, natural mesquite smoke flavoring, hydrated silicon dioxide (as an anti-caking agent).

Basic Preparations: No preparation necessary. The flavor is very strong so use sparingly for best results.

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