Chinese Black Rice – 16 oz bulk bag


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Chinese Black Rice is a medium grain Rice with a high gluten content making it perfect for both sweet and savory dishes. It is also known as Chinese Forbidden Black Rice. Chinese Black Rice is deep black in color prior to cooking and imparts a beautiful deep dark purple color after cooking. This Rice has a sweet flavor and a wonderful sticky texture. Traditionally served in Taiwan and mainland China as a dessert ingredient, and in the West, Black Rice is often served with main courses.

Basic Prep: Add 1 cup rice and 2-1/4 cups water to pot. Bring to a boil over high heat. Cover, turn heat to low, and simmer for 40 minutes. Fluff with fork before serving.

16 oz

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When cooked, Black Chinese Rice has a beautiful shiny, Indigo color. Use Black Rice alone or mix with White Rice for color and texture in stuffings, desserts, rice molds pudding and Rice Balls.