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Venison Bologna Mix is an old fashioned recipe blended especially for venison. Just add meat and add cure.

Instructions: Select best cuts of Venison Roast (90% lean) and top quality Pork Butt (lean). Ratio of Venison to Pork should be 60% Vension and 40% Pork. Grind meat through a 3/8″ plate. Add the contents of the spice and cure packages to 1 pint of ice water for a 10# batch or 2 1/2 lbs of ice water for a 25# batch, mix thoroughly and pour over the ground meat and mix thoroughly. Regrind the spiced meat mixture through a very fine plate. 1/8″ – 3/32″ Stuff Bologna in beef bungs or large fibrous casings. Franks can be made in 24 mm – 26 mm sheep casings. Place in smokehouse and dry for 1 hour. Apply heavy smoke (smudge) at 90 degrees – 100 degrees for franks and 120 degrees – 135 degrees for Bologna. Do this to franks for 1-2 hours and to the Bologna for 2-3 hours. Raise smokehouse temperature to 165 degrees and maintain smoke and temperature until internal temperature reaches 155 degrees. Shower with cold water until internal temperature reaches 110 degrees and then dry at room temperature. Refrigerate the finished product.

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