Thyme, Spanish, Whole – 8.5 oz bottle


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Thyme was used in Hellenistic times. The name has confused origins, but most likely came from “Thymus” the Greek word for courage, because Thyme invigorates the senses. Thyme has also symbolized elegance for the Greeks, chivalry in the Middle Ages and the Republican spirit in France. Thyme has long been used to flavor alcohol and cheese.

Suggested Use: Thyme is an important spice in Clam Chowder, bouquet garni and many soups and stews, including those that use beans or lentils. Thyme blends well with many dishes meats, vegetables, breads, tomato sauces, flavored vinegar and infused oils.

Basic Preparations: Add directly to recipes as called for.

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  • 1 Tablespoon, sample
  • 1.75 oz bottle
  • 8.5 oz bottle
  • 16 oz bulk bag

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