Summer Sausage Mix


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Summer Sausage Mix makes a Wisconsin style summer sausage.

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  • Seasoning for 10 lbs. of meat
  • Seasoning for 25 lbs. of meat
  • Instructions: Select a good grade of beef roast (other meats can be used, venison, elk, etc.) (90% lean and 10% fat). Use 65% beef and 35% pork or you can use 100% beef.  Pork is recommended when venison summer sausage is being made. Grind the meat through a 3/8″ plate. Add the spice and cure mixture to 1/2 pint water for 10 # of meat o to 1 lb. of water for 25# of meat. (DO NOT USE ALUMINUM PANS) Add the water/spice/cure mix to the meat and mix thoroughly then regrind through a 1/8″ plate and stuff into fibrous casings.

    Hang sticks in smokehouse and allow to dry for 1 hour @ 100 degrees then turn on smoke @ 100 degrees for 3 hours or longer if desired. Allow to hang for 8 hours @ 100 degrees then raise smokehouse temperature to 170 degrees and cook until internal temperature reaches 145 degrees. Remove and cool in cold water bath until internal reaches 110 degrees. Remove from bath, dry and refrigerate.

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