Split Peas, Yellow – 16 oz bulk bag


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Yellow Split Peas (Pisum sativum) are part of the legume family. Peas are dried, husked, and split in half to make split peas. Yellow split peas have about a quarter inch diameter and are a paler yellow color on the flat, split side of the pea. Split Peas have a mild earthy flavor and soft texture.

Suggested Use: Split Peas are most commonly used in thick soups and stews. The peas break apart when cooking, adding to the texture of the soup. Split Peas can also be used to make dips and spread or they can be included with other ingredients in baked casseroles or stuffing.

How to Prep: Yellow split peas should not be soaked before cooking. Simmer in boiling water for 45-60 minutes. The longer this legume cooks, the more it will break down and cause soups to thicken.

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