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Mill Grind Sea Salt tastes and acts like rock salt with a slightly larger grain. Sea Salt contains less sodium and more trace elements than salt mined from the earth. It also has less iodine, and, therefore, is recommended for people who have problems with acne. All of the world’s salt deposits are of marine origin. Salt mines are simply locations that where water once flowed. Sea Salt is obtained either by wind evaporation, naturally by the sun or artificially from water evaporation pans. Salt has been an important seasoning for many centuries and fulfills three major functions in cooking; it seasons and preserves food in addition to providing nutrients necessary for the body’s fluid balance. Salt has been taxed by governments, trading in commerce, offered to the gods and given as part of a salary.

Suggested Use: Use in recipes where salt is highlighted in appearance.

Ingredients: Natural sea salt.

Basic Preparations: Sort carefully for stones prior to use. Just add to recipe as called for.

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  • 16 oz bulk bag

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