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These pine nuts are the finest and tastiest to be found. Pine Nuts, also known as Pignoli, have been a delicacy in many cuisines for centuries. Pine Nuts are the nut which is produced from several varieties of Pine Trees. The Pine Nuts grow inside the Pine Cone and to be released the Pine Cone must be heated to loosen the Nuts. The strong flavor of Pine Nuts mellows with cooking and is replaced with a nutty, almost sweet taste.

Ingredients: Pine nuts. (Contains tree nuts).

Suggested Use: Pine Nuts are delicious toasted and sprinkled on salads, pilaf, couscous or pasta. Pine Nuts are a main ingredient in traditional pesto sauce and a primary ingredient in Italian pignolia cookies. They’re also a tasty addition to pizza, quick breads and muffins.

Basic Prep: Add Pine Nuts directly to recipe or toast for a nuttier flavor. Do not toast pine nuts when using in cookies or other baked recipes.

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