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Peppercorns are one of the most commonly used spices, in fact, peppercorns account for 1/4 of all global spice trade. Peppercorns are the berry part of the plant Piper Nigrum. Whole White peppercorns from Indonesia that works well in dishes where the black pepper specks are not appealing. These are dried, mature berries of the pepper vine from which the outer covering has been removed. White to tan in color and has a musty aroma and hot, biting flavor. Also available in ground. The white peppercorn, believed by many to be the best tasting peppercorn, is picked after it is allowed to ripen slightly longer, resulting in a larger berry with a loose outer shell. After the berry is soaked in water the shell is removed before it is dried, a smaller light tan-colored berry is produced that has a smoother skin and a milder flavor. It is basically the same as the black peppercorn without the outer skin. White pepper is generally used in soups, sauces, food spreads, grilled poultry and meats, or for foods that are light colored, such as fish, seafood, and cream sauces where black pepper would detract too much from the appearance.

Suggested Use: Use White Pepper in recipes where you desire the sharp, crisp flavor of Black Pepper, but not the color. Favored by chef’s for White Gravies, Cream Sauces, Potato Dishes and Salad Dressings.

Basic Preparations: Pepper is best when ground fresh just before use. Another option is to tie peppercorns in a cheese cloth bag and drop into a simmering soup or stew. Remove spice bag before serving. Pepper loses its flavor during long-cooking periods, so add at the end.

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