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Peppercorns are one of the most commonly used spices; in fact, Peppercorn accounts for 1/4 of all of the global spice trade. Our whole black peppercorns are carefully cleaned and graded to provide the finest black pepper. One of the most common and most popular of spices, the peppercorn is derived from the berries grown in clusters on the vine-like pepper plant. Round in shape, the berry (peppercorn) of the pepper plant begins as a green berry and then matures from yellowish tan to red and finally black in color. As the peppercorn matures, three common types of peppercorns are harvested at different times, which are the green, the white and the black peppercorns. The black peppercorn, which is the most common of all peppercorns, contains the most pungent flavor of all types. It is picked when it is slightly under-ripe (green in color), then dried until the skin shrivels and turns dark brown or black. The black peppercorn is used to flavor meats, poultry, fish, seafood, vegetables, soups, stews, sauces, marinades, dressings, baked goods, and a variety of other foods. Since the flavor and aroma of peppercorns will not last long after being ground, it is best to keep peppercorns in a whole form and season foods by grinding the peppercorns with a peppermill as late in the preparation process as possible.

Suggested Use: Versatile and easy to use, add them whole, crushed or ground for extra snap in your favorite recipes calling for pepper. Use to create Sauces, Marinades, Vinaigrettes and Creamy Salad Dressings.

Basic Preparations: Pepper is best when ground fresh just before use. Another option is to tie peppercorns in a cheese cloth bag and drop into a simmering soup or stew. Remove spice bag before serving. Pepper loses its flavor during long-cooking periods, so add at the end.

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