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Hot Hungarian Paprika or Sweet Paprika: Paprika releases its color and flavor when heated. So when you sprinkle it over colorless dishes it improves the food’s appearance not its flavor. This is why it is often used as a garnish, not a flavoring. However you can used it as a flavoring by stirring the powder into some oil before adding it to a recipe. You can brush the paprika on meats, poultry, or fish. Its important to remember when using paprika in sauces that it has a high sugar content and burns easily. Add it only when liquid ingredients are present and do not cook it over high heat for too long. Paprika can be used creatively in cooking. Add 2 tablespoons to your favorite pasta sauce. Sprinkle it on potatoes or homemade fries for a change of seasonings. Use it liberally on poultry, meat, and fish when cooking. Use paprika as a milder seasoning in chili or stews. It can even liven up some soups with color and flavor.

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