Onion, Minced, Toasted – 1 Tblsp, sample


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Use Minced Toasted Onion to conveniently add the toasted onion flavor quickly to recipes. Related to the lily, this underground bulb is prized around the world for the magic it makes in a multitude of dishes with its pungent flavor and odor. Minced Onion is approximately 1/8” to 1/4” in size.

Suggested Use: Toasted Minced Onion is wonderful to use when cooking because it has all of the flavor of toasted onion yet it will not spoil and the smell does not linger on your fingers. Onion is a key ingredient in cuisines in many parts of the world.

Basic Preparations: Ready to use. Simply add to recipe as called for.

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  • 1 Tablespoon, sample
  • 3.5 oz bottle
  • 14.5 oz bottle
  • 16 oz bulk bag

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