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Mustard (Brassica Nigra) has long been used in culinary creations. Mustard derives from the Latin Mustum Ardens which means “burning must”, due to the pungent smell mustard seeds give when pounded. In the Middle Ages Mustard was ground and added to wine to make an early version of table Mustard. All Mustards derive from three members of the cabbage family, Nigra produces Black Mustard, Juncea produces the Brown, and Alba produces the White. Black Mustard seeds are about 2-3 millimeters small, prized for their distinctive flavor and commonly used in Indian cuisine. The Black and Brown have the strongest flavors of the three types.

Suggested Use: Whole mustard seeds are used to make pickles and chutneys. In South Asian cuisines mustard seeds are heated in oil until they ‘pop’ then they are allowed to cool and more Indian spices are added to the mustard seeds. The whole seeds can be soaked in liquid before grinding to create whole grain mustard.

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