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Mustard has long been used in culinary creations. Mustard derives from the Latin Mustum Ardens which means “Burning Must”. This is due to the pungent smell Mustard Seeds give when pounded. In the Middle Ages Mustard Seeds were ground and added to wine to make an early version of table Mustard. All mustards are derived from three members of the cabbage family, Nigra produces Black Mustard, Juncea produces the Brown, and Alba produces the White. The black and brown have the strongest flavors of the three types. Mustard Flour is made from ground yellow Mustard Seeds that come from White Mustard.

Suggested Use: Blend with water and add to recipes or blend with other seasonings such as crushed chiles or cracked pepper to enhance the flavor. Blend with cool flavoring herbs such as mint, basil or tarragon. Ground Mustard Flour also acts as a preservative and is used in pickling and chutney recipes.

Basic Prep: Mix with water and to recipe. If flavoring with other spices, blend prior to cooking.

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