Mango Slices – 16 oz bulk bag


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Mangoes (Mangifera indica) are native to Southeast Asia and have been cultivated there and in other areas for 6000 years. Three fourths of all mangoes come from Asia. Mangoes come in different sizes, colors and flavors. The dried mango we sell is a deep orange-red with a very sweet and rich flavor. Mango is very high in Vitamins A and C. It is low in sodium and high in fiber. Contains sulfites. Dried Sliced Mangoes are mechanically dried.

Use: Mango is sweet and flavorful added to muffins, quick breads and fruit salads. Mix with nuts, seeds and raisins to create your own trail mix. Try mango and coconut in rice pudding instead of raisins.

Ingredients: Mangos, sugar, citric acid, sulfur dioxide (as a preservative) FD & C yellow #6. Contains sulfites

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