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Giant Peruvian Lima (Phaseolus Limensis) is a large, flat, cream colored bean about 1 inch in length. This bean is similar to the Christmas Lima in length but slimmer in width. This Lima is also referred to as a butter, curry, Madagascar, lab, or Pole Beans, another reference is the Cape Pea. The giant Peruvian Lima has creamy texture and a savory flavor. The giant Peruvian Lima is native to Central America. This bean found its way to Peru several millennia ago. Spanish explorers brought the bean to Europe where it thrived in the temperate climate, the slave trade carried the bean to Africa where they are now one of the most important beans on the continent.

Ingredients: Giant lima beans.

Suggested Use: Lima Beans are traditionally used in Succotash, a dish the pilgrims learned from the native Americans. The light flavor of this legume makes it a wonderful side dish, simply tossed with olive oil and fresh herbs. The smooth texture allows the bean to work well in a pureed form.

Basic Preparations: Soak overnight. Rinse and place in a large pot and cover with fresh water. Bring water to a boil for 3 minutes, reduce heat and simmer for 60 minutes. This bean produces foam, so skim the water regularly while cooking. One cup dry yields 2-1/4 cups cooked.

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