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This complete mix (cure included) of venison jerky mix brings out the best in venison.

Select a good grade of roast (other meats can be used, elk, turkey, etc) (90% lean and 10% fat) and partially freeze the meat before using, for easier thin slicing. Slice the partially frozen meat into 1/4 ” – 1/2″ slices, then cut the sliced meat into strips 3/4″ – 1″ wide. Add contents of spice package and the cure package to 1 quart water (beer, apple juice, pineapple juice can be substituted) mix thoroughly and pour over meat strips and mix thoroughly with the meat. Make sure that all of the meat is covered with the liquid. Marinate at least 24 hours turning the meat twice during the marination. Place in smokehouse and dry for 1 hour coldsmoke at 98 degrees – 100 degrees for 8-12 hours or until meat is dry. If smoking in an oven add liquid smoke if you want.

Ingredients: blended of salt, spices, sugar, brown sugar, maple sugar, red and black pepper, sodium erythorbate 1.86%, spice extractives and less than 2% sodium aluminosilicate added to prevent caking.

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