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Dill seed, whole: Dill has a dominant personality and a well-rounded tang. The Dill Seed flavor is clean, pungent, and reminiscent of caraway. Dill Weed has a similar but mellower and fresher flavor. Stronger tasting than the leaves, seeds are used whole or ground in longer-cooking recipes. Dill is delicious with fish, lamb, pork, poultry, and vegetables. It can also be found in jars of pickled cucumbers.

Dill Seed and Dill Weed are not good substitutions for each other. The seed has a camphorous, slightly bitter flavor, and the weed has a delicate flavor. Dill Seed is good sprinkled over casseroles before baking and used in salad dressings. Dill Weed, with its delicate flavor, enhances fish, shellfish, vegetables, and dips.

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