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Middle Eastern Couscous, also known as Israeli Couscous, is a new addition to the American market. Made from Semolina like traditional Moroccan Couscous, Middle Eastern Couscous is toasted or puffed and about the size of a Peppercorn. The large size of this Couscous allows it to absorb flavors well. Couscous originated in the Moroccan area of Northern Africa. Especially, African cooks, made Couscous from scratch, by moistening Semolina with a small amount of water and salt, then rolling between the palms of their hands to form small grains. The grains are sorted by size, then steamed. Once cooked, the grains are separated. For immediate use it’s sprinkled with cold water to allow it to swell and get fluffy. If for later use it’s spread on a cloth and dried in the sun.


Suggested Use: Middle Eastern Couscous has a nutty, light flavor. Serve with marinated broiled vegetables. Flavor with garlic and onion as a side dish to meats and poultry. Cooked and chilled, it makes a super salad. Use instead of rice with curries or stir fry.


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