Banana Chips,Sweet – 16 oz bulk bag


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Bananas grow in humid, tropical climates. The Banana is one of America’s favorite fruits, the variety most often consumed is the Cavendish – a sweet, yellow variety. A banana plant will mature in 15 months, at that time each bush will produce a 50 pound bunch of bananas. When bananas grow, the ends point up the tree so it looks like they are growing upside down. No sulfites. Dried Banana Chips are mechanically dried.

Use dried Banana Chips to create your own trail mix. Tuck a bag into your child’s lunch for a convenient and healthy snack. Add Banana Chips and flaked Coconut to Rice Pudding instead of Raisins and Cinnamon.


Ingredients: Bananas, coconut oil, sugar, banana flavor

Preparation: There is no preparation needed for Banana chips.

Bulk 16 oz

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